Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(5): 11 (February 1, 1997)

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Robert Herman, Theresa Stiernagle

University of Minnesota, 250 Biological Sciences Center, 1445 Gortner Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108.

     May 31, 1997 will mark the end of our current five-year contract 
with the NIH National Center for Research Resources, which supports the 
activities of the CGC.  The activities in St. Paul have involved 
primarily the acquisition, maintenance and distribution of stocks and 
information about stocks, acquisition and maintenance of the C. elegans 
bibliography, and publication and distribution of The Worm Breeder's 
Gazette (WBG) and WBG Subscriber Directory.
     Genetic nomenclature and the genetic map have been managed for the 
period 1992-1997 by Jonathan Hodgkin (CGC Map Curator) on a subcontract. 

Currently, the subcontract provides half of Sylvia Martinelli's salary, 
plus travel and minor expenses.  Additional support from within the MRC 
Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the Sanger Centre has been used to 
fund other essential resources such as computer equipment, as well as 
Jonathan's and Richard Durbin's time.  Richard has been involved in 
mapkeeping through his work on ACeDB.  We are pleased that Jonathan, 
Richard and Sylvia agreed to continue their work for another five years. 

We have submitted an application for a new five year contract that would 
include a subcontract for nomenclature and mapkeeping on essentially the 
same terms as before.  A description of the nomenclature and mapkeeping 
activities is given in the following abstract.
     We are grateful to Leon Avery for setting up our CGC gopher server 
and also for arranging for the electronic submission of WBG abstracts 
(as well as abstracts for various C. elegans meetings).  His C. elegans 
WWW server has become an essential resource for the worm community.  We 
were therefore pleased to include Leon (only 5% effort) in a second 
subcontract as part of our new CGC application.
     We welcome comments and suggestions about any of the CGC