Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(4): 5a (October 1, 1996)

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Positions Available

Michael Basson

NemaPharm, Inc., 26 Landsdown St. Suite 470, Cambridge MA 02139

NemaPharm Inc., established by Carl Johnson and Bob Horvitz to develop
C. elegans-based approaches to drug discovery, is undergoing a major
expansion of its efforts in functional genomics.  As a result, we seek to
hire several scientists who are nematode biologists or molecular
biologists to identify and characterize nematode homologues of human
disease genes, identify new therapeutic targets and screen for drug
candidates.  Senior scientists are encouraged to apply.  NemaPharm offers
excellent salaries, stock options, relocation assistance and full benefits
in an exciting scientific environment.

Please mail or fax your letter of interest and CV to:
     Michael Basson
     NemaPharm Inc.
     26 Landsdowne St. Suite 470
     Cambridge MA 02139
     (617) 494-5101