Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(4): 31 (October 1, 1996)

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Rescue of dpy-17

Anne M. Smardon, Eleanor M. Maine

Department of Biology Syracuse University Syracuse, New York 13244

        We have rescued dpy-17 with the cosmid F54D8.  In our lab we are
attempting to rescue sog-10  (suppressor of glp-1)  which lies
approximately 0.4 map units to the left of dpy-17 on LGIIII.  We have
obtained several transgenic lines containing cosmids that map in this
region from David Baillie's cosmid transgenic library.  In the course of
our work we noticed that with strain BC05123:  +/+; sEx271 III [F54D8 +
pCes1943{rol-6(su1006)dm}]  we were not able to create a sog-10 dpy-17;
sEx271 (Dpy Roller) strain.  We tested this strain for rescue of dpy-17
by creating the following strain:   dpy-17(e164) unc-32(e189); sEx271.
The phenotype of this strain is non-Dpy Unc Roller.  This strain
produces the following progeny:

          genotype                                phenotype
        dpy-17 unc-32                           Dpy-Unc

        dpy-17 unc-32; sEx271           non-Dpy Unc Rollers

        There are five transcription units on cosmid F54D8 that have
been identified by the Green and Hillier Genefinder program used by the
Genome Project.  F54D8.1 is a large transcription unit that encodes a
protein in which the C-terminus contains 245 amino acids that are 48%
identical to the 245 terminal amino acids of sqt-1  (a cuticle collagen
gene).  We believe this is the dpy-17 coding region.
See WBG Volume 14(#4) for protein alignment of F54D8.1 with sqt-1.