Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(2): 82 (February 1, 1996)

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pag-3 encodes a zinc finger protein

Yiwen Jia, Guofeng Xie, Joan McDermott, Eric Aamodt

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Louisiana State University Medical Center, Shreveport, LA 71130-33932

Mutations in the pag-3 gene cause ectopic expression of touch neuron
genes mec-7, mec-7LacZ, mec-2gfp, mec-4LacZ and mec-9LacZ in the lineal
sisters of the ALM touch neurons, the BDU neurons.  pag-3 mutants also
show a reverse kinker uncoordinated phenotype (Genetics 142, 141-147). 
To clone pag-3, we made a phage library from YAC Y37H4 that rescued both
pag-3 mutant phenotypes.  By transformation rescue, we identified a
single phage and subsequently a 5 kb fragment from that phage with full
rescuing ability.  A 1.5 kb transcript was detected in a developmental
northern blot.  Preliminary analysis of both cDNA and genomic DNA
sequences indicates that pag-3 encodes a protein with five C2H2-type
zinc fingers that have strong homology to the zinc-fingers of the rat
protein GFI-1.  We have also performed mosaic analysis on pag-3 using
the method of Bob Herman (Genetics 133, 527-541) and showed that
pag-3(+) is required in the AB.p lineage to prevent the Unc phenotype
and in AB.a lineage to prevent the misexpression phenotype.  The motor
neurons are derived from the AB.p lineage and the BDU neurons are
derived from the AB.a lineage.  Preliminary expression analyses show
that pag-3lacZ is expressed in the BDU neurons, cord motor neurons and
additional cells in the head and tail.