Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(2): 80 (February 1, 1996)

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dv52: A New Neuronal Unc?

Shale Dames, Chris Link

University of Denver, Denver, CO. 80208

        We have characterized a novel mutant, dv52,  that maps to the
right arm of Linkage Group IV between unc-24 and dpy-4, approximately
1.0 map unit to the left of dpy-4.  dv52 is complemented by sDf21,
sDf23, and sDf60, but not nDf27.  dv52 was originally isolated in an EMS
mutagenesis screen while searching for coiler-Unc animals in a srf-5
background.  srf-5 is a non-pleiotropic Srf mutant that binds both
soybean and wheat germ agglutinin on the cuticle.  In addition to its
Unc phenotype, dv52 suppresses the ectopic lectin-binding phenotype of
srf-5.  We are particularly interested in such supressors, as they are
candidates for mutants that are defective in glycosylation.

        The coiler-Unc phenotype of dv52 is similar to unc-17 and is
completely penetrant, but with variable expressivity.  Severe mutants
display a tightly-coiled "cinnamon role" phenotype, whereas the least
severe animals have an "omega-shaped" appearance.  All dv52's possess a
"J-tail" phenotype that is insensitive to tail prodding.  dv52  has a
mating efficiency of 0, and is slightly smaller than N2.

        We looked at the DD and VD neurons (among others) using
anti-GABA antibody and integrated transgenic reporter constructs
containing either an unc-5/GFP (KP762) or unc-119/GFP (DP86) fusion
(altruistically donated by L. Ryder/J. Culotti and M. Madurro,
respectively).  We found that dv52 possesses incomplete and/or abnormal
DD4/VD8 and DD5/VD10 commissures compared with N2 and srf-5.  Below are
results from the anti-GABA experiments scoring approximately 2,500
commissures (note that some dv52 animals have defects in both sets of
commissure pairs):

Genotype  N           abnormal DD4/VD8        abnormal DD5/VD10
N2        50              0 (0%)                     1 (2%)
srf-5     100             6 (6%)                     6 (6%)
dv52      92             25 (27%)                   81 (88%)

The unc-5/GFP data supports the GABA data (30/30 dv52 animals have
defects with the DD5/VD10 neurons).

        dv52 complements all known Uncs on LG IV.  The phenotype of
dv52/nDf27 animals appears the same as homozygous dv52 males, suggesting
that dv52 could be a null allele.  However, we have been unable to
recover new alleles despite repeated F2 screens (approximately 70,000
animals screened) or non-complementation screens (approximately 3,300
animals screened).