Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(2): 7 (February 1, 1996)

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Don Riddle, Tom Blumenthal, Barbara Meyer, Jim Priess

Another book of the worm, tentatively titled C. elegans II, is now scheduled for publication by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press in 1996. The four of us have put together a plan for a 30 chapter, 700-800 page book involving more than 50 contributors. It is a sign of health in the research community that not all people who have been making substantial contributions to knowledge about the worm are contributing chapters to this volume. There are too many of you! Very few people involved in the 1988 book edited by Bill Wood are writing chapters for C. elegans II, although many are serving faithfully as peer reviewers.

We editors have divided the editorial work among us with each person
handling seven or eight chapters.  The project is well underway, with 24
of the 30 chapters already reviewed or currently in review.  Each chapter
is being peer reviewed by one person in the C. elegans field, and one
person outside the field.  Unfortunately, we still have a few tardy
authors as of December, but these folks have promised to get their
manuscripts done without further delay.

The authors have been challenged to cover their material to the
satisfaction of the C. elegans cognoscente, and also appeal to the larger
audience of biological researchers who want to know how new knowledge
about C. elegans relates to their field.  This book is not a second
edition of the 1988 book, but represents a new approach that reflects the
current status of the field.  There will be more chapters on more narrowly
defined topics.

We do not intend to duplicate the material in the recent book edited by
Epstein and Shakes, or in the 1988 book.  Instead, we plan to accompany
the new hard cover monograph with a digital version (e.g., a searchable
CD-ROM with text, figures and other C. elegans data) that will be together
with a digital version of the 1988 book, and we will be working together
with Bill Wood on this.  The pair of electronic books turns out to be a
big project that is complicated by rapid changes in technology, and we
cannot yet project a release date.  We want to produce the highest quality
product possible.  We can say we are actively working on it together with
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, and they are definitely interested in
some form of electronic publication.  We will keep you posted on our

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