Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(2): 19 (February 1, 1996)

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Sylvia D.Martinelli

The Sanger Centre, Hinxton Hall, Hinxton, Cambs., CB10 1RQ, UK.

It has been suggested to me that members of the worm community would
find a directory of other members' interests useful.  If someone were
to venture into embryonic development for the first time, they could
search for people ("Author" in ACeDB) with keywords such as embryo or
gastrulation under their name in ACeDB.  Contacting those people, via
e-mail or phone, could reduce hours of fruitless effort for the
beginner.  The newsgroup serves a useful related purpose but does not
provide a permanent directory, cross-referenced into bibliography and

Authors could also attach specific genes to their records. This would
signal that they hold a significant amount of knowledge about this
gene, also strains and mutations. (It should NOT constitute a warning
to others to "keep off" that gene).  Other possibilities include
keywords to define recipes, lab. protocols, instrumentation
techniques such as electron-microscopy, or other technical tips.  It
is not planned to hold lab. protocols in ACeDB at this stage, merely
to attach their names to people as useful markers.

For this system to work, I need authors in ACeDb to send me a short
list (say upto 10) of keywords. I attach a few examples to stimulate
ideas :

Ratna Shownkeen : clone finger-printing, restriction analysis.
Alan Coulson : physical mapping, DNA sequencing, curation of C.elegans
clone stocks, clone filter grids.
Jonathan Hodgkin : genetics, development, sex determination, cgc gene
curation, genetic nomenclature.
Bob Goldstein : embryology, axis-specification, evolution of
development, video-microscopy.
Iain Johnstone : cuticle, moulting, hypodermal development, rtPCR,
gene expression.

Suggestions or comments, please, to sylvia@sanger.ac.uk
Would authors also check their current entries for correctness.