Worm Breeder's Gazette 14(2): 1 (February 1, 1996)

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1996 East Coast C. elegans Meeting : Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, June 9-11

Monica Driscoll, Rick Padgett, Bill Wadsworth, Jeff Way

The 1996 East Coast C. elegans meeting will be held at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ on Sunday, June 9 - Tuesday, June 11. Please note the change of dates from the previous announcement!

Registration and Abstract Deadline: April 19, 1996

Registration and abstract forms are due on April 19--no later! It will not
be possible to register on site. We request that all attendees submit
abstracts, even if you do not wish to present a talk or a poster.

Registration: The registration form is reproduced on the following
page--please include all information requested. Fees are due with
registration forms!

Abstracts: a hard copy of your abstract is required for presentation.
a) Submit on standard 8x11 paper.
b) Left Margin should be 1.5 inches, right margin 1 inch, bottom margin at 
  least .75 inches.
c) Abstract should include Title, authors, addresses; follow with text.
d) In bottom margin indicate whether you wish to present a talk, a poster 
   or you are just submitting an abstract. Please note that due to time  
   constraints it is likely that only 1 of 4 people can give talks.

Electronic submission of abstracts:
In addition to your hard copy abstract we request that you submit your
abstract electronically in one of the following two ways. This will enable
everyone in the worm community to know what will be presented at the area
worm meetings. In addition, attendees will be able to be fully familiar
with the information to be presented to get as much out of the meeting as

To submit via WWW, e.g. Mosaic or Netscape (recommended):
1. Open the URL http://eatworms.swmed.edu/
2. Click on C. elegans Meetings
3. Click on East Coast Meeting Abstract Submission and follow the        
   instructions that appear.
You may submit either plain ASCII text or formatted abstracts in HTML.

To submit via e-mail (if you don't have access to WWW):
1. The abstract must come as the body of an e-mail message.
2. Text should be ASCII only. Do not include any formatting: no italics, 
   underline, subscripts, superscripts, symbols, accented characters, etc.
3. Limit line length to 72 characters. If you are using a word processor, 
   set the margins six inches apart and use 10-point Courier type.
4. Begin with the title, followed by a single blank line, followed by the 
   list of authors--one per line, followed by a blank line, then the     
   addresses, then another blank line, then the text.
5. If authors are at different addresses, identify each author with the  
   appropriate address by placing a number in square brackets after the  
   author's name and before the address, as diagrammed on the back of this


Model template for e-mail submission:


{First Author}[l]
{Second Author} [2]

{Last Author}[x]

[1]{First Author's address}
[2]{Second Author's address}
[x]{Last Author's address}

{Text.  The text may contain additional blank lines.}

6. Send the abstracts to ecwmsubmit@eatworms.swmed.edu. Please include the

   subject line "ECWM abstract". An acknowledgment will be e-mailed to you

   soon after submission.  Carefully examine your abstract as it appears 
   in the acknowledgment since this is exactly how it will appear on the 
7. These messages will be processed automatically by the computer, so    
   please do not include a cover note. If you need personal attention or 
   have questions send a separate message to ecwmhelp@eatworms.swmed.edu.

Abstracts will be available over the internet as soon as possible after
submission from the UTSW C. elegans server.--open the URL

Meeting information: Information on the 1996 East Coast C. elegans Meeting
can be accessed at: http://touchworms.cabm.rutgers.edu/1996ecmeeting. 
This page will include announcements, directions, schedule information and
a link to the abstracts.

We are looking forward to an exciting meeting!

Monica Driscoll
Rick Padgett
Bill Wadsworth
Jeff Way

Registration Checklist:

1) Complete abstract.
2) Complete registration form.
3) Write a check to cover your full registration fee.
4) Mail so that your abstract, registration and fees should be received on 
  April l9th.

Mail to:
1996 East Coast C. elegans Meeting
c/o Rick Padgett, Box 759
Waksman Institute, Rutgers University
Hoes Lane Piscataway 08855-0759

1996 East Coast C. elegans Meeting
June 9-11
Registration Form

Name: __________________________________________________

Male _____   Female ____        T-shirt size:    S  M  L  XL 

Mailing Address:______________________________________________



Lab Affiliation:_________________________________________

Special food needs:______________________________________

Special AV needs:________________________________________

                            Commuter: ____             $88
                            (stay off campus)

      Resident:             Single room ____           $160
      (on campus housing)   (limited availability)

                            Double room ____           $138

Preferred roommate:_________________________________________

Smoker ____   Non-smoker ____

Abstract submitted: Yes ____  No ____

Preferred presentation:
Poster ____   Talk ____   Abstract only ____

Make checks payable to: Waksman Institute/1996 C. elegans Meeting

Mail to: 
C. elegans Meeting
c/o Rick Padgett,
PO Box 759
Waksman Institute, Rutgers University
Hoes Lane, Piscataway, N.J. 08855-0759