Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(5): 88 (February 1, 1995)

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Andrew Lynch, David Briggs and Ian A. Hope,

Depts of Pure and Applied Biology and Genetics, University of Leeds,  U.K.

      We have undertaken a pilot project to determine developmental 
expression patterns for predicted genes of the genome sequencing project 
(WBG 12:4 pg.19). 11 cosmids, covering 400kb of chromosome III and 
containing 104 predicted genes, have been the subject of our screen so 
far. Upstream regions of predicted genes have been fused to a lacZ 
reporter using Andy Fire's vectors. 71 (68%) genes in this region are 
amenable to the directional subcloning approach employed. 35 genes have 
been completely assayed, 19 (54%) being found to have an observable and 
specific pattern of expression during development. 
      The patterns observed have a wide tissue and stage distribution. The 
germline and early embryos (<30 cells) have failed to produce detectable 
beta-galactosidase activity, consistent with the generally appreciated 
limitation of the lacZ reporter system used. Patterns indicative of 
terminal differentiation products and of genes subject to developmental 
control during both embryonic and post-embryonic stages have been found. 
Because of the potential value of these data, most obviously as  
differentiation markers, we are endeavouring to place them in a 
publically accessible and searchable form. Therefore, pattern  information
in the form of text descriptions and images has been made  available on
Leon Avery's C.elegans server on the World Wide Web (URL: 
http://eatworms.swmed.edu/Worms_labs/Hope/), and on ACeDB as text 
descriptions (accessible under the gene name). 
The genes for which pattern information is available are:
B0303.1, B0303.12;                      ZK637.5, ZK637.8; ZK643.1, ZK643.2,
ZK643.3, ZK643.5;                        R08D7.3, R08D7.5; F59B2.13; R107.1,
R107.4; F54G8.2;                        ZC84.3(a + b);  T23G5.5; C40H1.6;
Genes assayed for which no expression pattern was seen (for whatever 
reason) are:
B0303.4, B0303.10, B0303.15;            ZK637.3, ZK637.10; 
F59B2.2, F59B2.5, F59B2.9, F59B2.12;    F54G8.1, F54G8.3, F54G8.5; 
T23G5.2, T23G5.6;                       C40H1.1; C38C10.4.
      We have recently expanded the lab and hope to significantly scale up 
the project in the near future. Cosmids for which analysis is in hand 
are: ZC21, F02A9, B0464, C02D5, C06E1, C13G5, F22B7, B0523, ZK370,  
K02D10, F54F2, ZK507, ZK512, M01A8, K01B6, K04H4, T26G10 and F54C8.