Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(4): 9 (October 1, 1994)

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An Electronic Discussion Group For C. elegans Researchers

William R. Morgan, CELEGANS/bionet.celegans newsgroup discussion, leader

The College of Wooster, Dept. of Biology, Wooster, OH  44691

An electronic discussion group (or "newsgroup") was recently established
for C. elegans researchers as part of BIOSCI/bionet, a collection of
biology-related newsgroups available free of charge on the Internet. 
Intended to complement the existing avenues of informal communication,
including the C. elegans Meetings and the Worm Breeder's Gazette, the
CELEGANS/bionet.celegans newsgroup allows rapid communication with
other C. elegans researchers on a range of topics (see table below for
examples). Obviously, the success of this electronic forum depends on broad
participation by the C. elegans research community; hopefully at least one
member of each research lab will regularly read this newsgroup's postings. 

You can read and post messages to the newsgroup either by e-mail or with
a USENET newsreader (contact your computer system administrator
concerning availability and use).  Because most newcomers are probably
only familiar with e-mail, below I detail how to participate in the newsgroup
by this method.  However, newsreader software does have several
advantages; most importantly newsgroup postings are not mixed in with
your personal e-mail.  On the other hand, newsreaders are not available at
all sites; therefore, as a courtesy to those who must use e-mail, please limit
your postings to topics of general interest to C. elegans researchers.  Replies
to particular messages, if not of general interest, can be sent directly to
the original author, who should then post a summary.  

To subscribe to the newsgroup by e-mail:  Send one of the following
messages depending on your location (leave the Subject: line blank):  
o In Europe, Africa, or Central Asia, send the message "SUB
bionet-news.bionet.celegans" (don't include quotation marks) to
MXT@dl.ac.uk.o In the Americas or the Pacific Rim, send the message
"subscribe celegans" (don't include quotation marks) to
biosci-server@net.bio.net.  Instructions on how to unsubscribe depending on
your location will be sent to you in reply to your e-mail subscription
request.  Be sure to save this message for future reference.

To post a message by e-mail:  In Europe, Africa, and Central Asia, mail
your message to celegans@daresbury.ac.uk; in the Americas and the Pacific
Rim, mail it to celegans@net.bio.net.  Your message will be automatically
distributed to all CELEGANS/bionet.celegans newsgroup participants; all
messages are posted in this unmoderated newsgroup, none are screened for

To review previous postings:  All CELEGANS/bionet.celegans postings are
saved in electronic archives accessible with Gopher.  Start a Gopher
session using net.bio.net as your Gopher server and look in the CELEGANS
directory.  For instructions on searching the archives by keyword using
WAIS, refer to the BIOSCI FAQ (available at net.bio.net or by e-mail; see

Finally, newsgroup users are encouraged to read the BIOSCI Information
Sheet for your region and the BIOSCI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list
for further information.  These are available by ftp and Gopher at
net.bio.net (see above) and by e-mail.  To receive the BIOSCI Information
Sheet by e-mail, send the message "info ukinfo" (if in Europe, Africa, or
Central Asia ) or "info usinfo" (if in the Americas or the Pacific Rim) to
biosci-server@net.bio.net.  To receive the BIOSCI FAQ by e-mail, send the
message "info faq" to biosci-server@net.bio.net.

Subject Headings of Some Previous CELEGANS/bionet.celegans Postings
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with ncl-1
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