Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(4): 85 (October 1, 1994)

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mec-5 Encodes a Collagen Needed For Touch Sensitivity.

Guoqiang Gu, Chris William, Marty Chalfie

Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University in the City of New York, NY 10027

  mec-5 is one of the genes required for mechanosensitivity in C. elegans.
Although the touch receptor neurons do not function, they appear morphologically
normal in mec-5 mutants. Peanut-lectin binding to the touch cell mantle, however, is
absent (M. Chalfie and E. Hedgecock, unpublished data).
  By transformation rescue, we identified a 6.5 kb BamHI-KpnI fragment in
cosmid E03G2 which completely rescues the mec-5 phenotype. We isolated a 1.2 kb full
length cDNA (Northern blots show a 1.2 kb mRNA) from the Chris Martin cDNA
library. The cDNA sequence encodes a collagen. The protein (329 aa) has a 20 amino
acid putative signal sequence at the N-terminus and 69 Gly-X-Y repeats starting at aa
63. These collagen repeats are followed by 60 additional amino acids. Because
collagens are often glycosylated on hydroxyproline residues, the loss of MEC-5 may
explain the lack of peanut-lectin binding.
  To verify that this collagen gene is mec-5 ,we probed genomic Southern blots with
the 6.5 kb fragment and found that the 6.5 kb fragment was deleted in two mec-5
strains, the mut-2 derived strain TU828 and the gamma-ray strain TU1031 .We are
now sequencing other mec-5 mutations and characterizing the expression pattern.