Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(4): 84a (October 1, 1994)

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An additional regulatory sequence for mec-3 establishment

Lili Wang, Jeff Way

Dept. of Biology, Nelson Labs, Rutgers University, Piscataway NJ 08855

Figure 1

  We have identified a sequence in the mec-3 promoter that appears to play an
important role in establishing the pattern of mec-3 expression. If sequences from
-2000 to +500 bp (with the mec-3 start codon as 0) are deleted from our standard mec-3
-lacZfusion, we still observe expression in all the normal mec-3 cells within a few
hours after these cells arise. (We thought this was going to be a negative control.) This
expression is seen in a mec-3 ( u6 )strain, indicating that such expression occurs
during the establishment phase of mec-3 synthesis. The deletions diagrammed
(hatched areas) below indicate that an upstream region between -2000 and -3000
contains sequences for establishment (gray region). (see figure)
  Somehow the presence of this upstream region was missed by both Way et al.
(Genes & Dev. 5, 2199-2211; 1991) and Xue et al. (EMBO J. 11, 4969-4979, 1992). This
was probably because a mec-3 mutant strain can be rescued by a construct lacking the
upstream region. We have found that the conserved Regions I-IV (black boxes in
figure) mediate a low level of mec-3 -independentexpression; since injected DNAs are
often present in high copy, it may be that a low level of establishment expression is
sufficient to make some mec-3 ,which then turns on its own synthesis.

Figure 1