Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(4): 82 (October 1, 1994)

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mec-6 May Encode a Degenerin.

Charles Ma, Guoquiang Gu, Marty Chalfie

Dept. of Biological Sciences, Columbia University, NY, NY 10027

  The gene mec-6 is needed for the function of a set of touch receptor neurons
(ALMs, PLMs, AVM and PVM). In addition, its was found that recessive mutations
in mec-6 are able to suppress neuronal degenerations caused by dominant mutations
in the genes deg-1 , mec-4 ,and mec-10 .These three genes all belong to a family of
genes encoding degenerin protein.
  Based on the phenotype of the dominant mutations and the similarities of the
degenerins to the components of the vertebrate amiloride-sensitive sodium channel, it
is likely that the degenerins form membrane channels that can mutate to cause
neuronal degenerations. One attractive model is that MEC-4 and MEC-10 help to
form the mechanosensory channel in the touch receptor cells. In rat, the
amiloride-sensitive sodium channel is made of three different degenerin-like
subunits. We have investigated whether a third degenerin subunit is found in the
touch cells. The best candidate for such a component is the mec-6 protein product.
  We have found an apparent degenerin homologue that maps to the mec-6 region
on chromosome I. Using degenerative oligos that encode highly conserved regions of
the degenerin gene family, we were able to PCR amplify a small fragment from the
cosmid W01A8 that shares sequence homology with the degenerins. In addition, we
cloned a 1.3kb genomic fragment that includes this region and found that this
fragment detects a deletion in animals with the mec-6 ( u450 )gamma-ray mutation.
Several transcripts were detected on a northern blot using this genomic fragment as
probe. We are testing whether these transcripts are absent in the mec-6 ( u450
)animals. It seems likely that this degenerin is the mec-6 gene.