Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(4): 24 (October 1, 1994)

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Toward an Electronic Worm Breeder's Gazette

Bob Herman[1], Theresa Stiernagle[1], and Leon Avery[2]

[1]CGC, University of Minnesota, St Paul, MN 55108.
[2]University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX  75235-9038.

The text of the Worm Breeder's Gazette is now available electronically
in several forms: from World-Wide Web and gopher servers, in acedb,
and (most completely) via the Worm Community System. While they are no
replacement for the paper version, the electronic gazettes are useful:
they can be searched for a word or phrase, the text can easily be
extracted for quoting in another document, and they are available
anywhere the Internet can be accessed.

Most of us produce our WBG abstracts on computers. However, the
publicly available WBG text came from paper, scanned in by the
Community Systems Laboratory. It would be more efficient and accurate
if text came directly from your computer to ours. Therefore we are
conducting an experiment in voluntary parallel e-mail submission.

Abstracts for this and subsequent WBGs may be submitted by e-mail to
WBG-SUBMIT@ELEGANS.CBS.UMN.EDU. These abstracts will be made available
by Internet servers on the day the gazette is mailed. Note that this
is in addition to normal submission: you still must mail a paper copy
of your abstract.

Please follow these guidelines: 

(1) The abstract should be simple text. Do not send a word processor
    file, and do not send `attachment's or `enclosure's, even if your
    mailer has that capability. (If the experiment works well, these
    restrictions may be relaxed.)

(2) Begin with the title, followed by a single blank line, followed by
    the list of authors, followed by a single blank line. The title
    and authors may occupy more than one line. Follow the second
    blank line with institutional affiliations and the text of your
    abstract. (Your abstract may contain additional blank lines.)

(3) Look at the e-mail message before you send it, and make sure that,
    converted to simple text, it looks the way you want. Pay special
    attention to tables and sequence alignments: if they were produced
    with variable-width fonts in your word processor, they probably
    won't line up.

Messages sent to WBG-SUBMIT will be processed by the computer, so
please don't include a cover note. If you need personal attention,
send a separate message to WBG-HELP@ELEGANS.CBS.UMN.EDU. (These
messages go to Theresa Stiernagle.)

This post can be used as an example of the format.