Worm Breeder's Gazette 13(3): 100 (June 1, 1994)

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Induction of the uterine ¹ fate by the anchor cell results in lin-11 -lacZexpression and requires egl-29 .

Anna P. Newman, Paul W. Sternberg

Division of Biology, l56 -29,Caltech, Pasadena, CA

The cells of the ventral portion of the hermaphrodite uterus arise from intermediate precursors that can have one of two fates, ¹ or rho. ¹ and rho cells differ in the morphology of their progeny and the number of descendants generated. Furthermore, as initially observed by Gwen Freyd and Bob Horvitz and confirmed by us, a lin-11 -lacZfusion protein is specifically expressed in the ¹ cells and their progeny during L3 lethargus/early L4 .

A signal from the anchor cell is required to induce the ¹ fate; ablation of the anchor cell at a time when replacement regulation can no longer occur leads to a ¹ --> rho cell fate transformation and to an absence of lin-11 -lacZexpression in the uterus. Induction of ¹ fates by the anchor cell is temporally and genetically distinct from anchor cell induction of the vulva and requires lin-12 activity (WBG 12(5) p.52).

Ablation of the ¹ cells leads to an egg-laying defect. Therefore, we screened the Class A Egl mutants of Trent, Tsung & Horvitz in order to identify additional genes required to produce ¹ cells. We found that egl-29 ( n482 )has a defect in ¹ fate specification. However, other lin-12 -dependentevents such as the AC vs. VU decision and specification of the vulval 2° fate are wild type. Thus, egl-29 may interact with lin-12 in a tissue-specific manner to specify the ¹ fate. egl-29 mutants have little uterine lin-11 -lacZstaining; staining in occasional animals probably reflects the leakiness of the allele used.

An egl-29 ( n482 ); lin-12 (d)double mutant has excess ¹ cells like a lin-12 (d)mutant, suggesting that egl-29 functions upstream of lin-12 .Analysis of the egl-29 null phenotype and cloning of egl-29 are in progress.