Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(5): 50 (February 1, 1993)

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Rescue of lin-13 ,a Gene Involved in Vulval Fate Detemination

Gautam Kao, Iva Greenwald

Dept. of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton NJ 0854

We report here our efforts to extend the analysis of lin-13 which is required for vulval cell fate determination (1, 2). The two previously identified alleles of lin-13 ( n387 & n388 )are heat sensitive reducdon-of-function alleles. lin-13 ( n387 )herrnaphrodites raised at 25-C are multivulva and sterile. lin-13 homozygotes raised at 15°C are fertile and non-Muv but display a zygotically rescuable grandchildless phenotype. Iin-13 / nDfl6 animals raised at 25 C arrest as L2 sized larvae (1).

The deficency result indicates that a null allele of lin-13 might result in a lethal phenotype. We tested several lethal mutations in the region for allelism with lin-13 but so far all the lethals tested complement lin-13 .We have also begun a clonal noncomplementation screen to look for null alleles.

lin-13 maps very close and to the left of mab-5 (Costa & Kenyon, pers. comm.). We therefore tested cosmids near mab-5 for the ability to rescue lin-13 defects. We find that the cosmid K04F4 can rescue both the sterility and the multivula phenotypes of lin-13 .Cosmids C18H2 , C33C3 ,and C41E6 which overlap K04F4 fail to rescue. We are now testing subclones of K04F4 for rescuing ability.

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