Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(4): 21b (October 1, 1992)

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The Second Approach to Aligning the Genetic and Physical Maps on Chromosome I: PCR mapping of Potential Deletions

Fred Ho, Teresa Liu, Adony Melathopoulos, Alida Janmaat, The Ha, Ruth Salmon, Ann Rose

Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. V6 T13Z

For the right portion of the chromosome, where we don't have a high density of mapped mutants, we are using the PCR mapping protocol of Barstead and Waterston (in 1991 C Mot Cyto 20:69) to position gamma-induced lethals (potential deletions). Using hIn1 as a balancer (Zetka and Rose, 1992 Genetics), we recovered several lethals linked to unc-101 and lev-11 which were induced with 1500 rads of gamma radiation. Primers were kindly provided by Junho Lee in Paul Sternberg's lab and Yuko Kozono in Bob Waterstons's lab. As controls for the PCR reactions, we are using a deletion outside the hIn1 region, hDf8 ,and primers from bli-4 (Ken Peters, unpublished) and AHH sequences (Prasad, Starr and Rose, in press). hDf8 deletes AHH, but not bli-4 .We have tested nine of our gamma induced lethals to date and one of these hDf14 ( h1277 )is lacking DNA for the primer set INT 7-10 from unc-101 sequences provided by Junho Lee.

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