Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(3): 32 (June 15, 1992)

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Head and Tail of the unc-15 ,Paramyosin Gene

Hiroaki Kagawa, Kazuki Kuroda

Figure 1

Figure 2

Okayama University, Faculty of Science, Okayama Japan 700

We have determined the 5' noncoding and the 3' noncoding ends of the unc-15 cDNA clones which were obtained from cDNA library(provided from Bob Barstead and Bob Waterston, Washington University). The 5' end of the message lies 59base pairs upstream of the initiation codon and 58base pairs downstream of the Tc1 insert of r408 (Mori et al, 1988). Tc1 insertion to 5' inititiation site of the unc-15 gene might interfere transcription of the paramyosin gene. 3'end of the cDNA clone lies 14 base pairs downstream of the second poly A signal of the unc-15 gene. On the contrary of the unc-54 gene(Aryana et al, WBG Vol. 12, #2, p73 ),the unc-15 gene used normal poly A addition signal. cDNA clone has an insert of full-length of the message and produced whole size paramyosin in bacteria which may be useful in vitro assembly of the protein.[See Figures 1 & 2].

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Figure 1

Figure 2