Worm Breeder's Gazette 12(2): 23 (January 1, 1992)

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Clone Mapping

Ratna Shownkeen, Alan Coulson

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Hills Rd., Cambridge CB2 2QH.

We are continuing to map clones by fingerprinting, where appropriate. Polytene YAC filters are an additional mapping resource, not a replacement. Thus any clones that require mapping should be sent to Cambridge initially (preferably DNA and clone). There is greater than a 90% probability that a clone will be mapped by fingerprinting, provided that it has sufficient HindIII sites (generally more than 2 or 3) to generate an adequate fingerprint (i.e. essentially all cosmids and lambdas). Clones with insufficient HindIII sites for unequivocal mapping solely by fingerprinting ( many plasmids for example) may be mapped to the cosmid level by a combination of fingerprinting and polytene YAC probing (when the fingerprint comparison is to a smaller subset of cosmids as defined by the probing).