Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(5): 60

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Worldwidewildworms: An Update

Jonathan Hodgkin

Figure 1

Natural isolates of C.  elegans have now been obtained from many 
different geographical locations (WBG 7-2:34; 8-2:52,53; 8-3:78, etc.).
These have been examined for general morphology, behavior, 
hermaphrodite self-fertility and male mating competence, and also for 
Tc1 pattern.  As well as differences previously noted in 'plugging' (
WBG 10-2:140) and 'bordering' (Cassada, WBG 93:29), some other natural 
mutations have been noticed in these strains.  No doubt further subtle 
differences could be detected by more detailed examination.  At least 
16 distinct races can be defined.  Type strains for all of these races 
will be available from the CGC.

Figure 1