Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(5): 56

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A Way to Clone C. elegans Telomeres

Chantal Wicky, Heinz Tobler and Fritz Mller

By doing Bal 31 digestion experiments, we have shown that about 4 to 
9 kb of the simple repeated sequence TTAGGC are located at the end of 
the C.  elegans chromosomes.  This sequence, also present at the A.  
lumbricoides telomeres (WBG: this issue), shows similarities to the 
telomeric sequences found in all organisms analyzed so far, including 
some lower eukaryotes, plants and vertebrates.  
In order to develop an efficient strategy to clone C.  elegans 
telomeres, we have constructed a YAC (yeast artificial chromosome), 
carrying an Ascaris telomere at one end.  Upon transformation, we 
could show that the sequence TTAGGC functions as telomere in yeast, 
which adds its own telomeric sequences to it.  We conclude, therefore, 
that cloning of C.  elegans telomeres can be done by complementation 
of a deficient YAC vector.  
Besides the fact that telomeres are specialized structures important 
for chromosome stability, the particular significance of cloned C.  
elegans telomeres is that they will contribute to achieve the physical 
mapping of chromosomes and that they provide one set of elements for 
the construction of artificial C.  elegans chromosomes.