Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(5): 33

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A Comment on ceh-9

Thomas R. Brglin

Figure 1

Recently Nancy Hawkins and Jim McGhee published their four homeobox-
containing genes from C.  elegans (1).  One of their genes, ceh-9, did 
not have an obvious homologue in any other organism.  However, a newly 
discovered sea urchin homeobox gene, TgHbox5, published in a 
relatively obscure journal (2) is similar to ceh-9.  Comparison of the 
ceh-9 and TgHbox5 homeodomains showed that they are 65% identical, and 
that they have additional amino acids outside the homeodomain 
conserved.  Clearly this type of homeodomain constitutes a novel class 
that has not yet been detected in vertebrates or flies, but certainly 
must be present in these organisms.  Further sequencing should reveal 
if this new class has additional sequence motifs conserved outside the 
[See Figure 1]

Figure 1