Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(5): 32

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Comparison of the unc-104 Protein "Motor" Domain with Members of the Kinesin Family of Proteins

Anthony Otsuka, Lan Tang, Pratumtip Boontrakulpoontatwee, Yu Yong Zhang and Kristi Whiteaker

Figure 1

The unc-104 gene is capable of encoding a kinesin-related protein (
Otsuka et al., Neuron, in press).  Comparison of the presumed unc-104 
'motor' domain to the ATPase and microtubule-binding region of members 
of the kinesin family demonstrates the greatest sequence identity in 
the putative ATP-binding domain [GYN-TIFAYGQTGSGKTYTM-G] and in 
conserved elements of unknown function, some of which may be involved 
in microtubule-binding [GIIPR, VK-S(Y/F)-E(I/L)YNE, DLL, R-VA-T--N--
LLQ-SLGG, N--ET-STL-(F/Y)A-RAK--(R/K)].  In the figure below, residues 
that are identical in 5 or more sequences are listed below the 
compilation and asterisks mark residues that are identical in all 
[See Figure 1]

Figure 1