Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(5): 2a

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Ed Hedgecock came to Tokyo in January for the 2nd seminar on 
Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology and his cell migration work 
impressed scientists of other animal field.
Sydney Brenner won the Kyoto Prize and came to Japan on 23 of 
October for receiving the Prize on his fourth visit in this year.  He 
talked with his excellent joke about telescope in Astronomy and 
microscope in Biology.  Sydney is the man who gave the main lecture in 
the First Meeting of Japan Molecular Biology Society.
Iva Greenwald came to Japan for attending the Naito Foundation 
International Workshop on Morphogenesis Program in early November 
together with her fiance Gary Struhl.  It is true that the relation 
between Drosophila and Caenorhabditis is very good in U.S. and Japan.  
Some nematode scientists in Japan got grant from Drosophila project.
John Sulston gave the lecture entitled 'The Genome of 
Caenorhabditis' on 28th of November at the main invited lecture of the 
Thirteenth Meeting of Japan Molecular Biology Society in Kyoto 
International Congress Hall.  The lecture impressed many Japanese 
scientists especially his 'The Logical Next Step: Genome Sequencing'.  
On the 27th night, 34 worm people assembled to the worm party for 
welcoming to him.  Sixteen papers from five labs were presented at the