Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(1): 43

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Some More unc-31 Sequence

David Livingstone

Figure 1

I am continuing the molecular work on the unc-31 gene started by 
Roger Hoskins.  Roger isolated a 17.5kb genomic clone in lambda2001 
which he showed was capable of transformation rescue of unc-31 mutants.
He also partially sequenced a 4.5kb fragment contained within this 
clone which covers some of the polymorphisms associated with mutant 
alleles of the gene.
[See Figure 1]
I have made subclones of this phage in lambda2001 and have used them 
in an attempt to narrow down the position of the gene by 
transformation rescue.  A phage containing the 13.5kb XhoI fragment 
seems to rescue although this result has still to be confirmed.  No 
rescue has been obtained with phage containing the 13.5kb SacI 
fragment or the 10.5kb SacI-XhoI fragment.
I am currently sequencing the 13.5kb rescuing fragment.  Several 
open reading frames have been found which could be spliced together 
inframe.  Some of these have been confirmed by sequencing partial cDNA 
clones isolated from Julie Ahringers mixed stage cDNA library.  The 
gene covers more than 8kb of genomic DNA.  The 5' end is near or 
beyond the SacI site and the 3' end is beyond the end of the 4.5kb 
HindIII fragment.
No homology has been found between predicted amino acid sequences 
and protein sequences present in the PIR and Swissprot databases.

Figure 1