Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(1): 26

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Trans-splicing of tra-2: Variations on a Theme

Patricia Kuwabara and Judith Kimble

We have previously reported the isolation and characterization of a 
cDNA clone corresponding to the 4.6 Kb transcript of tra-2 (1).  
Primer extension and S1 protection analyses of the 5' end strongly 
suggested that this tra-2 transcript was trans-spliced.  Sequence 
ambiguities impeded identification of the leader by dideoxy sequencing 
RNA using reverse transcriptase.  Consequently, we have used a PCR 
method (2) to obtain additional cDNA clones that encompass the entire 
5' end of the 4.6Kb transcript.  In brief, the 4.6Kb transcript of tra-
2 is trans-spliced to the SL-2 sequence originally found associated 
with the C.  elegans gene, GAPDH (3).  Surprisingly, we have also 
isolated 5 other cDNA clones that contain variations in the SL-2 
sequence.  These differences include insertions and deletions that 
result in a 23 or 21 nucleotide leader, and base substitutions in the 
original SL-2 sequence.  We do not know if these differences are 
artifacts induced during the PCR reaction or if they reflect 
heterogeneity among SL-2 genes.  If the latter, then this observed 
heterogeneity could explain our inability to identify the tra-2 leader 
by reverse transcriptase sequencing.  These results also imply that a 
transcript can be trans-spliced to leader sequences encoded by 
different genes, perhaps with different regulatory functions.