Worm Breeder's Gazette 11(1): 22

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Cloning mig-10

Jim Manser

Figure 1

Correlation of the genetic and physical maps has been exploited to 
clone the mig-10 III gene (see CSH '89 Abstracts and previous WBG's).  
Genetic mapping placed mig-10(ct41) between unc-86 and unc-116, 
corresponding to a relatively small interval of the physical map (see 
Figure).  A set of 5 cosmids from this interval was chosen and used in 
co-transformation rescue experiments with an unc-36 
41) strain.  One cosmid, F10E9, was found to rescue 
mutant phenotypes, placing mig-10 on the physical map.  Specifically, 
4 of 9 transgenic lines exhibiting unc-36 rescue also displayed mig-10 
rescue, and in two such lines mig-10 rescue was transmitted to 
subsequent generations.  To localize mig-10 further, several cosmids 
that overlap F10E9 are being tested for rescue, as are lambda 
subclones of F10E9.
[See Figure 1]

Figure 1