Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(3): 94

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Update on the Analysis of EMS Induced Mutations on LGV (left)

Robert C. Johnsen and David L. Baillie

Figure 1

We are attempting to identify all the essential genes in a large 
genomic region.  A new set of 242 strains carrying 0.012M EMS induced 
lethal and sterile mutations on the 23 m.u.  of LGV(left) that is 
balanced by the translocation eT1(III:V) are being analyzed.  To 
facilitate this work, the break points of 31 deficiencies and 1 
duplication have been mapped and used to subdivide LGV(left) into 36 
zones.  Prior to this study 59 essential genes had been identified on 
LGV(left) (Rosenbluth, Rogalski, Johnsen, Addison and Baillie Genet.  
Res., In Press).  We have analyzed 95 of the new 242 strains with EMS 
induced lethal mutations.  The results 
[See Figure 1]
A Poisson calculation shows that their are a minimum of 97 essential 
genes on LGV(left).  This implies that we have hit at most 81% of the 
essential genes on LGV(left).

Figure 1