Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(3): 9

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A New her-1(sd) Mutation

Anne Villeneuve, Stuart Kim and Barbara Meyer

We have identified a new her-1 gain-of-function mutation, her-1(
y101sd).  y101 was isolated as a dominant Egl that segregated abnormal 
males.  her-1(y101sd) seems to be a stronger gain-of-function mutation 
than the previously described her-1(n695sd) (Trent et al.  Genetics 
120:145-157), since at 20 C approximately 60% of y101 XX homozygotes 
develop as pseudomales or intersexes compared to approximately 20% for 
We have used two criteria to assign the y101 mutation to the her-1 
gene.  First, y101 is tightly linked (<1 m.  u.) to unc-42(e270)V, 
which maps 0.2 map units from her-1.  Second, we have obtained three 
new recessive her-1(lf) alleles as revertants of the dominant Egl and 
Tra phenotypes of y101.  (4000 EMS-mutagenized haploid genomes were 
examined in this revertant screen, which also yielded four extragenic 
suppressor mutations as well as two Fem mutations.)