Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(3): 45

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Head Piece of Paramyosin and Progress of Tropomyosin Gene Cloning

Keiko Gengyo, Koken Sugimoto and Hiroaki Kagawa

Figure 1

Complete nucleotide sequence data of paramyosin gene, unc-15 will 
appear in the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Databases under 
the accession number X08068.  By the friendly information from St 
Louis, Larry Shriefer and Bob Waterston, a head piece of paramyosin 
was extended a little bit.  Finally, the gene is composed of 10 exons 
encoding a protein of 866 amino acid with molecular mass of 99,890.  
The gene had no TATA-box and promoter like sequences at 5' upstream as 
other muscle genes of the worm.  Manuscript entitled 'The paramyosin 
gene (unc-15) of Caenorhabditis r cloning, 
nucleotide sequence and models for thick filament assembly' 
collaboration with Andrew D.  McLachlan, Sydney Brenner and Jonathan 
Karn was submitted to J.  Mol.  Biol.
cDNA clone of tropomyosin gene was cloned from a cDNA library (48hr 
sample) which was constructed by Julie Ahringer and Judith Kimble by 
using a tropomyosin gene fragment of C.  elegans as a probe.  The 
fragment of probe was cloned by screening an exon expression plasmid 
library (1985 C.  elegans meeting abstract) with anti-tropomyosin 
antibody.  Cloned 1.6kb fragment encoded the 6th to 241th amino acid 
residue of tropomyosin.  The amino acid sequence was very conserved.  
To clone a complete fragment of the gene of genomic lambdoid phage 
library (kindly supplied by Claudia Cummins and Phil Anderson) was 
screened by using 1.6kb of cDNA clone as a probe.  Ten positive clones 
were processed and mapped on the cosmid library by Alan Coulson and 
John Sulston.  Unfortunately, all clones was contained the identical 
sequence to other part of unrelated cDNA (Worm gazette, Vol. 10, No. 1)
which located the upstream of the cDNA clone of tropomyosin.  The 
junction sequence of the both fragment was as follows.  We are not 
sure why tropomyosin gene was not contained in the genomic library.
[See Figure 1]
Tropomyosin gene will be cloned from a genomic library which will 
construct with the genomic restriction fragment of the correct size.  
Original gene of cloned fragment of other part leaves in question.

Figure 1