Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2): 99

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Transformation Rescue of unc-30 and unc-31

Roger Hoskins

Figure 1

I have previously reported on progress toward the molecular cloning 
of the unc-30 and unc-31 genes (WBG 10(1), CSH '87).  Mutants in unc-
30 have abnormal VD and DD motorneurons which have misplaced processes 
and fail to stain with an anti-GABA antibody, and abnormal PVP neurons 
which fail to stain with an antibody from mouse.  Mutants in unc-31 (
aka egl-22) are lethargic, egg-laying defective, and pumping 
I have now placed limits on the physical extents of these genes by 
transformation rescue of mutants (see group article,this issue).  Unc-
31 had already been located by standard methods.  It has now been 
shown to lie entirely within the lambda clone CB#RH1A.  Unc-30 had 
been shown to lie between two genetic markers on the physical map 
within a region of about 150kb.  Attempts to locate the gene by 
genomic Southern blotting of mutants were foiled by the presence of 
polymorphisms and repeat sequences scattered throughout the region.  
Cosmids spanning the region were injected, and two were found to 
rescue.  Additional experiments have now shown unc-30 to lie entirely 
within the region of overlap of the lambda clones CB#RH12 and 17.
I am now engaged in searching for transcripts and trying to rescue 
mutants with smaller pieces of DNA.
[See Figure 1]

Figure 1