Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2): 36

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Colocalization of Nematode Myofilaments and mRNAs for GAPDH and Actin

Xinyun Huang and Ralph Hecht

Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase is encoded by four genes in 
the nematode C.  elegans.  The minor isoenzyme, GAPDH-1, is encoded by 
two nearly identical genes namely gpd-1 and gpd-4.  In agreement with 
the ontogeny of GAPDH-1 enzyme activity, both mRNAs were 
preferentially expressed in embryos which are predominantly composed 
of non-muscle cells GAPDH-2, a body-wall enriched isoenzyme, is 
encoded by a different set of nearly identical genes, gpd-2 and gpd-3. 
Their expression increases 10-fold during post-embryonic development. 
Furthermore, the mRNAs of gpd-2 and gpd-3 were exclusively observed 
in the body-wall muscle by in situ hybridization.  By minimizing 
diffusion during hybridization, the gpd-2,3 mRNAs were localized to 
the actin-containing zones as was the GAPDH-2 isoenzyme itself.  By in 
situ hybridization we further demonstrated that the actin genes act-1 
and act-3 encoded body-wall specific mRNAs that were also localized to 
the thin myofilaments.