Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2): 147

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A New Balancer for Chromosome III

Judith Austin and Judith Kimble

We have isolated an allele of glp-1 that suppresses recombination on 
the third chromosome between at least dpy-1 and dpy-18 
9) was generated by gamma-ray mutagenesis and is 
linked to e1259.  In the strain dpy-19(e1259)glp-1(q339)/unc-32(e189)
dpy-18(e164) we observed that the expected unc-32 and dpy-18 
recombinants were absent.  To investigate this phenomenom further we 
looked for Dpy and Unc recombinants in strains heterozygous for 
e1259q339 and a series of Dpy on Chromosome 
III: dpy-1(e1)unc-93(e1500), 500)dpy-17(e164), 
64)unc-32(e189), 89)dpy-18(e364) 
and dpy-18(e364)unc-64(e246).  For each strain six broods were scored  
The only recombinant found was a single dpy-18 recombinant in the 
strain dpy-19(e1259)glp-1(q339)/dpy-18(e364)unc-64(e246)   We think 
that the suppression of recombination by the e1259q339 chromosome is 
specific to Chromosome III rather than a generalized suppression of 
recombination because dpy-19(e1259)glp-1(q339)/+ + III; unc-60(e723)
dpy-11(e224)/+ + V animals segregate both unc-60 and dpy-11 
recombinants at the expected frequency.
The e1259q339 chromosome contains a DNA rearrangement with a 
breakpoint in the glp-1 gene (Austin and Kimble this issue) This 
rearrangment may be the cause of the suppression of recombination 
Although we have not yet determined the nature of this rearrangment, 
no dead eggs are laid by e1259 q339 heterozygotes, suggesting that it 
is not a reciprocal