Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2): 143

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A Tc1 Homologue in Drosophila

Ronald H.A. Plasterk

Figure 1

Recently a homology was found between the TcA gene in Tc1 and an ORF 
in the Drosophila low repetitive sequence HB (Dr. S.  Henikoff pers.  
comm.  and manuscript in prep.).  If one assumes that the Tc1 TcA gene 
encodes the transposase of the element, then it would follow that the 
target sequence of this enzyme (the ends of Tc1) could be homologous 
to those of the HB sequences as well.  Therefore I compared the ends 
of the two elements.  Since HB has not been shown to jump, the exact 
ends of the element are not defined.  I looked at 8 ends of 4 elements 
(1), and took the point up to where they are identical or 7 out of 8 
identical to be the assumed end of HB.  In the figure the assumed end 
of HB and the end of Tc I (2) are compared.
[See Figure 
As can be seen they have 16 out of 24 basepairs in common.  This is 
sufficient to conclude that Tc1 and HB elements are related 
transposable elements (or in the case of HB perhaps relics of 
transposable elements).  To my knowledge this is the first case of 
similarity between DNA transposons of not directly related species.
I'd like to thank Dr.  S.  Henikoff for communicating his 
observation prior to publication.

Figure 1