Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2): 138

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More Formaldehyde Induced Deficiencies in the unc-22 (IV) Region

Denise Clark and David L. Baillie

Figure 1

As part of our ongoing genetic characterization of essential genes 
in the unc-22 (IV) region, we have isolated 7 new unc-22 deficiencies. 
The reasons for this are threefold:  1) to order genes in the region 
more precisely, 2) to make further mapping of EMS induced lethals less 
laborious and 3) to have a larger set of deficiency breakpoints for 
landmarks on the physical map.
Our screen involved the exposure of unc-31(e169) hermaphrodites to 0.
1% formaldehyde for 4 hr.  and screening in the F1 generation for 
twitchers in a 1% nicotine solution, indicating a mutation in unc-22.  
The progeny of the selected F1's were then screened for the absence of 
Unc-22 als, indicating the presence of a 
possible deficiency.  About 500,000 F1 chromosomes were screened to 
get 7 deficiencies (sDf60 to 65 and sDf67).  Their positions on the 
map are indicated below.  The right breakpoint of sDf60 lies off this 
map between unc-31 and unc-26.[See Figure 

Figure 1