Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(2): 133

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A Tublin Tale from Toyohashi: Two Genes One Polypeptide

Hachiro Yasuda and Shahid Siddiqui

Figure 1

Previously we have described our efforts to clone tubulin genes by 
direct screening of C.  elegans expression libraries using nerve 
specific anti-tubulin antibodies(WBG 10, 1:59, 1987).  For alpha-
tubulin genes, 14 lambda gt11 clones were identified with a monoclonal 
antibody 3A5 (kindly given by M.  Fuller), which is specific for alpha-
tubulin and stains C.  elegans neurons.  Two of the 14 clones were 
subcloned in pUC 118, and sequenced by dideoxy method of Sanger and 
Coulson.  One of these clones SQ#TbA77 (insert size 1.0 Kb) contained 
a DNA which is 79% homologous to the chicken alpha-tubulin DNA 
sequence; and its amino acid sequence deduced from DNA sequence is 88% 
homologous to the C-terminal region of the chicken alpha-tubulin.  The 
second putative clone on sequencing revealed DNA that has no homology 
with tubulin DNA.
Similarly, we have identified 15 lambda gt11 clones using E6B6, (
kind gift of T.  Arai) a monoclonal antibody which is specific for 
alpha-tubulin and also stains C.  elegans nervous system.  Three of 
the 15 clones were subcloned and sequenced as stated above.  One of 
these SQ#TbB03 has a sequence 76% homologous to the chicken    tubulin 
DNA.  We compared the nucleotide sequence of SQ#TbB03 with Nw#B8, the 
only other  -tubulin cloned and sequenced in C.  elegans (L.  Gremke, 
Ph.D.  Thesis,1987).  The two nucleotide sequences and the deduced 
amino acid sequence is given below.  It is quite remarkable that the 
two  -tubulin genes have 100% homology at the level of amino acid 
sequence.  Currently, we are trying to get the complete DNA sequence 
data of the tubulins identified by SQ#TbA77 and SQ#TbB03.
[See Figure 

Figure 1