Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(1): 81

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The Extent of nT1(IV;V) Recombination Suppression

D.V. Clark and D.L. Baillie

Figure 1

Ferguson and Horvitz (Genetics 110:17-72, 1985) identified nT1(IV;V) 
as a crossover suppressor of LGIV(right) (unc-17 to dpy-4) and LGV(
left) (unc-60 to dpy-11).  They also found that nT1 pseudolinked these 
two regions.  nT1 is associated with a recessive vulvaless phenotype.  
We have screened for lethal mutations in strains heterozygous for nT1 
[see WBG 9(2):82 and 9(3):31].  As a result, we wanted to know more 
precisely the extent of nT1 crossover suppression.  We thought it 
would be useful for others working on LGIV and LGV to know our results.

a b/nT1(IV);+/nT1(V) and +/nT1(IV);a b/nT1(V) individuals were 
constructed and their progeny were scored for recombinants.  The data 
is listed in the table below.  In summary, nT1 effectively balances 21 
m.u.  from lin-1 (e1777 supplied by Horvitz lab) to dpy-4 on LGIV and 
25 m.u.  from unc-60 to unc-76 on LGV.  The unc-17 and unc-22 
recombinant chromosomes from a b/nT1 individuals (where 'b' is dpy-4) 
did not carry nT1.  Therefore, nT1 does not balance LGIV in the region 
just to the left of dpy-4.[See Figure 

Figure 1