Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(1): 58

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Sequence of the Glutathione S-transferase P subunit of C. elegans, or A Step Towards the Complete Sequence of the C. elegans Genome

J. Yochem, K. Weston and Iva Greenwald

Figure 1

In the process of completing the sequence of lin-12, we 
inadvertently obtained the sequence of the adjacent gene on the 3' 
side of lin-12.  It is oriented in the opposite direction relative to 
lin-12.  (We have data indicating that lin-12 runs 5' to 3' with 
respect to the genetic map.) The sequence presented below is a 
composite of genomic and cDNA sequence data; the cDNAs were obtained 
from a library kindly provided by Julie Ahringer and Judith Kimble.  
The predicted product is 40% identical to rat liver glutathione S-
transferase P subunit (Suguoka et al., NAR 13: 6049, 1985); the degree 
of homology is higher if conservative substitutions are taken into 
account.  Identical amino acids are boxed.  The data indicate that 
there is a splice joining an exon (277-end) to a 5' exon(s).
[See Figure 

Figure 1