Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(1): 30

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Progress towards Cloning the deg-1 Gene

E. Wolinsky and M. Chalfie

At the Cold Spring Harbor worm meeting last May, we described the 
identification of a Tc1 element genetically linked to the deg-1 gene.  
We obtained putative insertion mutants of deg-1 by isolating 
revertants of the dominant allele u38 in a mut-2 background.  Tc1 
elements newly appearing in 3 such revertants were tested for genetic 
lineage with deg-1 using the flanking markers dpy-6 and dpy-7.  Two 
putative excision strains were also obtained, by choosing 
phenotypically deg-1 animals from reversion strains maintained in 
mutator backgrounds.  One particular Tc1 element is closely linked to 
the reversion site and is not observed in DNA from the corresponding 
excision strain.  We have now cloned a 4.7 kb restriction fragment 
containing this Tc1 element.  We plan to use transformation 
experiments to test whether the sequences we have cloned are part of 
the deg-1 gene.  Since the deg-1 gene is defined by the dominant 
mutation u38, we will microinject DNA cloned from mutant u38 animals.  
We have therefore prepared an EMBL3 lambda library from u38 DNA, which 
we are currently probing with our genomic clone.  Phage DNAs from the 
lambda library which cross-hybridize with sequences flanking the 
cloned Tc1 element will be microinjected into oocytes of wild-type 
animals to see if expression of the Deg-1 phenotype can be induced.