Worm Breeder's Gazette 10(1): 16

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unc-30 on the Map

R. Hoskins

Figure 1

The unc-30 gene has been found to lie on the physical map, in a 
contig previously shown by J.  Yuan to span the ced-3 locus(CSH 1987). 
unc-30 recombinants were picked from the progeny of unc-31(e928)unc-
30(e191)/BO parents and used to map BO/N2 DNA polymorphisms found in 
the ced-3 contig.  The data indicate that unc-30 is surprisingly close 
to ced-3.Two polymorphisms have been mapped.  They have been 
designated eP56 and eP57, and are recognized by hybridization with the 
cosmids ZK987 and C43A2, respectively.  They map as follows: unc-
31[8]eP56[4]ePS[1]unc-30.  A right-hand limit on the position of unc-
30 has been established by Yuan.  She has mapped a BO-specific Tc1 to 
the right of ced-3 in the cosmid MMMC1.  The physical distance between 
unc-30 and ced-3 must therefore be less than 120kb of DNA; the genetic 
distance between them is 0.3-0.5%.
It should now be possible to clone the unc-30 gene.  Attempts toward 
this end have been hampered by the potpourri of repeat sequences in 
cosmids to the right of eP57.  Several DNA polymorphisms have been 
found in EMS, [32P], and spontaneous BO unc-30 alleles.

Figure 1