Worm Breeder's Gazette 1(2): 4

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Technical Notes and Comments

M. Dew, B. Horvitz

We are currently preparing an updated genetic map of C.  elegans.  
Could anyone who has data not included in the published map (Brenner, 
Genetics, 77, 71, 1974) please send it to us?  We plan to include 
revisions of both map positions and complementation group assignments 
as well as additions of new genes.  Sufficient data (2 v. 3 factor 
crosses, numbers counted, descriptions of phenotypes, etc.) to allow 
some evaluation of ambiguities would be helpful.  We plan to complete 
the updated map for the next issue of this Newsletter.
A CONTEST:  Who can get the most progeny out of a single C.  elegans 
hermaphrodite?  PRIZE:  A bottle of champagne to be awarded at the 
nematode meeting next fall.  RULES:  Any source of sperm may be used, 
but oocytes must all come from a single worm.  JUDGING:  By total 
number of progeny times the degree of confidence that all progeny were 
from only one worm.  JUDGES:  S. Ward and D. Hirsh.  All entries must 
be submitted in writing to a judge one month before the meeting.  
Judges  decisions are final.  In case of a tie, judges drink the