Worm Breeder's Gazette 1(2): 25b

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Variation in Recombination in C. elegans with Respect to Temperature and Oocyte Age

M. Pridham, D.L. Baillie

We have studied the variation in recombination between two markers, 
dpy 561 and unc 1351 with respect to temperature and oocyte age.  Our 
results show that recombination frequency changes constantly during 
the production of gametes, both in the male and hermaphrodite.  There 
is no particular stage at which precise recombination analysis can be 
done.  It is therefore suggested that all recombination analysis be 
done by sampling the total supply of gametes of a P-O, hence, taking 
an average recombination value over the reproductive cycle.
Temperature also shows a marked effect on recombination.  
Recombination analysis, therefore, must be done at a defined 
temperature.  We suggest that 25 C is the most convenient temperature 
for these studies.  A full account of this work will be presented in a 
forthcoming publication.