Worm Breeder's Gazette 1(2): 24

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Peptide Composition of Unc 54 Mutants

H. Epstein, J. Wolff

Native myosins from N2, E675, E190, E569, R73, E651, and R74 have 
been purified (1) from two growths of each strain, and each purified 
preparation was independently cleaved by cyanogen bromide.  (We are 
now on our third run through.)  The peptides have been separated on 8M 
ureasodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gels and/or a two-
dimensional system with gel electro-focusing in 8M urea as the first 
dimension (2).  N2 and E675 myosins are virtually indistinguishable by 
these methods.  The peptide compositions of E190, E569, and E651 all 
resemble the map of the normal molecular weight heavy chain of E675, 
suggesting the partial or complete absence of the unc 54-affected 
chain.  R73 and R74 are partially paralyzed, muscle defective, EMS-
induced phenotypic revertants of E569 and E651 (3).  The myosins of 
these strains are very similar to N2.  However, two-dimensional 
separation of R73 myosin peptides suggests that two fragments are 
uniquely present.  Further work is proceeding on this and other mutant 
myosins.  The observation with R73 strongly suggests that the E569 
mutation within unc 54 affects a coding region.