Worm Breeder's Gazette 1(1): 7

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The Shipping and Handling of Nematodes

B. Edgar

Many of us have totally abandoned wooden sticks for transferring 
worms.  Instead a short (1 - 1 1/2') piece of platinum wire (32 gauge) 
is sealed in a pasteur pipette holder.  Platinum is soft and a sharp 
hook or spatular end can be shaped with a razor blade and forceps.  
Various 'tools' of varied shape can be manufactured.  Such implements 
are readily sterilized in a micro-burner.
I have had some success shipping worms in letters.  Three or four 
small pieces of filter paper are placed on a piece of aluminum foil.  
The filter papers are saturated with a buffer washate from a starved 
plate.  The foil is folded several times to create a seal.  The 
recipient places the filter papers on a plate or washes them in buffer.