Worm Breeder's Gazette 1(1): 19

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Mutants Defective in High Osmotic Strenth Avoidance

J. Culotti, R.L. Russell

When concentrated (~4 M) concentric rings of either NaCl or fructose 
are laid down on a Petri plate, C.  elegans placed inside the rings 
will avoid them and remain confined to the center of the plate.  We 
have isolated seven mutants defective in this response by picking rare 
individuals crossing both rings on a two-ring plate.  Three mutants 
were isolated against NaCl and four against fructose, but all seven 
fail to avoid both substances, leading us to believe that the response 
is to high osmotic strength.  We are still characterizing these 
mutants genetically, but so far they appear to identify 2 sex-linked 
and 4 autosomal genes.  Thermotaxis responses of the mutants appear 
normal, and we hope to characterize their chemotaxis responses shortly.
Preliminary serial sectioning of one of the mutants indicates a 
severe disruption of the LSM (cephalic) endings of the snout.